Spend Less Time Managing Your Website

And More Time Doing The Things You Love

We start every project with our master theme Open Road, which allows us to build custom websites quickly. While most ‘themes’ serve as a template (restricting layouts or ascetic design), our master theme is more a library of scripts and styles we’ve assembled. Many design firms use libraries or elements from past projects for efficiency, the problem is Frankenstein-ing a bunch of code together leads to a lot of debugging (many scripts don’t play nice together). Every element we create we incorporate it back into this master theme on a live site, which means Widget X is only has to be debugged once when it’s initially added to our theme, and not on every project we need to use it. This means we can launch websites faster, and be competitive on price.

Gradient Libraries




Box extending beyond left side of container

Box extending beyond right side of container

Layer extending beyond left side of container

Layer extending beyond right side of container

Boot Angled on right side

Boot Angled on right side

Angled Backgrounds


Buttons Style


Their are also many styles that can be applied.

Text Over Image

And also animations.

Modular Design

For many the word modular has a negative connotation, it invokes an image of something that is cookie-cutter, impersonalized; the antithesis of what we want in the creative industry. In 2015 our team at Rogue Heart filmed a construction project where a luxury hotel was built, from ground breaking to having the lights on and rooms occupied in less than 40 days. They were able to achieve this by using modular construction.

When we got back from the field we looked at how we could innovate our own building process, taking lessons from another industry we refined our process. We identified a way we could build websites modularly, where they would be flexible enough to embarrass our creative ideals but robust enough to build sites fast. Really fast.

Contact Rob at Rouge Heart to learn more. rob@rogueheartmedia.com